Eno Tapestries Exhibit at Bull City Arts Collaborative, Feb 8-March 31

A selection of Silvia’s Eno River Tapestries are on display at the Upfront Gallery at the Bull City Arts Collaborative in Durham, NC.

Eno River Tapestries: New Work by Silvia Heyden.
Feb. 8 – March 31, 2012. Opening Reception Feb 17th 6-9pm. DVD Release of “A Weaverly Path” coming in March.

At eighty-four years young, Swiss-born tapestry weaver Silvia Heyden continues to produce stunning, modernist tapestries inspired by nature, music and her Bauhaus influenced education. Heyden’s genius with color and form explodes in these tapestries inspired by the artist’s daily hikes along the Eno River.

Walking along the Eno River, I am fascinated watching basic tapestry patterns become fluid in the water. Weaving is an art form in which movement back and forth is a constant, and tapestry weaving adds one element onto another in an intricate process. The Eno River offers an amazing variety of dynamic forms and rhythms that are just waiting to be transformed into compositions. As I walk along the river, I visualize particular combinations of color and texture to bring my tapestries to life so they will continue to flow when hung on the wall. – Silvia Heyden